Dr. Spencer L. Gaines, Ed.D


Welcome to your Life and Career Assessment

Thank you for taking advantage of the Groupon deal. You are about to take an assessment that will identify some of the major issues and opportunities in both your personal life and in your career. Please be aware that...

This assessment takes some time. I would rather you are completely focused on it. If you reach a point that you have to stop before it is finished, simply hit the "Save" button an an email will be sent to youthat will allow you to pick up where you left off.

  1. When you ready to begin, click the "Start Assessment" button below.
  2. Please be honest with your answers. It is these truths that will begin the coaching process and for you to get everything you expect from our session(s).
  3. There are sections of the assessment that will link to another site, do not close the assessment window or you will lose all of your hard work.
  4. The assessment will take at least an hour so please make sure that you schedule ample time.
  5. Work in a quiet place - shut off your cell phone and ask family members to give you some quiet time.
  6. The more information you provide the more time will have to get to work and focus on the critical issues, problems, and the great things in your life that you would like to share.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you and being part of your change process.