-Looking for an unforgettable keynote to open or close your conference? 
-Inspire your people, re-energize the team, reduce turnover.
-Empowerment and enhancement of skills. -Is your group in desperate need of some motivation? -Want to offer attendees something they are excited to come see?
-Have you realized the impact a motivational speaker has on your event?
-Need a draw to get people to your community event? -Have you learned that FUNNY Sells?
-Looking for a speaker that will make you look like a rock star? -Need something more dramatic to balance out all the content-heavy sessions? -Looking for something fresh and different?

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You work hard to provide information for your attendees that will empower them now let me show them how to take this information and make it part of their attitude and behavior. How am I different? Unlike other motivational speakers, I write the content in the form of a one-man show, believing that you can learn and be entertained at the same time. Whether I’m singing, chanting about being a dad, turning your company’s goals into a cheer, or taking you to a place reflective of your organization, group, or team, you are in for a treat as I work my creative magic. I’m a bundle of high energy – burning a trail of laughter and encouragement wherever I go. And I believe my job begins when I step onto the parking lot, not just onto the stage. I take the time to get to know your people – even if that means sitting in the lobby and continuing the conversation. I am accessible and takes my role as an encourager and motivator seriously.

Will I customize? Yes, yes, and double yes! It starts with the program that I custom write for you – taking your challenges and accomplishments and weaving them in – including a tribute written just for your profession – choosing just the right stories, humor, topic, and creative flair to fit your event and your group. I will even help you promote your event – through social media.

Can I handle big groups? You bet! Those are my favorite. But I will put just as much work into small events too – believing that motivation can come in all sizes. I also do breakout and training sessions in addition to the keynote. I am an earth shattering addition to any conference looking for humor, motivation, and a powerful message – whether you have me open, close, or even deliver mini sessions throughout the event to spread the humor and energy throughout the time you are there together. Our relationship may start with the first time you hire me but rest assure like many of my clients, you will have me back again, and again.

Every motivational speaker has great points and content. I’m no exception. The question you must ask yourself when hiring a motivational speaker for your event, is “Will this speaker be a fit for my group and will they connect with my audience?” The answer is hiring a person that has touched many industries and people. 

Dr. Spencer L. Gaines, Ed.D