Dr. Spencer L. Gaines, Ed.D


Dr. Gaines will offer advice, make suggestions, and in many instances, coach you in finding the best solution to your problem. What is important for you to know, is that many of the consultation clients that the Dutch Uncle services, have been relying on his unique insight and advice for many years. Turn your personal or business problems into opportunities by contacting the Dr. Gaines today.


Life Coaching: Reflective of business coaching, life coaching is designed to help the person navigate life, love, career, and those critical aspects of life where a little help now could save a whole lot of aggravation later.

Life has a funny way of throwing challenges at all of us. For over 30 years, Dr. Gaines has worked with families, children, organizations, and others to help them regain their personal and business mastery. The reason why this site and its services are being offered is because there are many times in life there is no one to turn to and the decisions are too critical to make alone. Dr. Gaines is here for you. Simply send your problem or the issues that you are trying to navigate through and for a far price,

A life coach is not a psychiatrist. He/she is someone who will help improve your personal and/or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new ways to achieve your goals. Having a life coach is a partnership. It is a support system with one goal in mind: improving your quality of life.

The idea of a life coach is nothing new. Everyone looks for help when they are embarking on something new and everyone needs encouragement when they are trying to do something they have not done before. The principle is to follow someone who has walked the path before you.